Primary Source Packets

Primary Source Packets engage students and offer new perspectives about historical people and events. Up till October 2015, we have created 5 packets—Mapping Community Change, War Photographs 1861-2011, Objects of the FurRead More…


Field Trip Digital Brochure

I turned the printed Field Trip brochure into an vertical and horizontal readable ebook with interactivities, stream videos, note-taking function, links to resource, links to phone call, and more. It was aRead More…


An Overview of Food Allergies

This ebook An Overview of Food Allergies for Parents in Need of Answers was written to introduce concerned parents to kids’ food allergies with information compiled based on sound research, in orderRead More…


The Glamour of Mirage

At the time you cannot find a picture you like, the easiest way is to illustrate it by yourself! This was a digital illustration made in Adobe Illustrator.


Bring Your Artwork to Life

I made an illustration in Photoshop a long time ago. Later, I wanted to reuse it somewhere in my work, making it into an ad. Finally, I came up with this idea.Read More…